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Setting up for Your Future with Our Estate & Trust Plan Assistance Services

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Why Puzdrak CPA?

You could be a property developer, an engineer, a freelance realtor, or the owner of an established real estate agency. Whichever of those categories you fall into, you deserve an accountant who can take on the challenge of making sure your finances look as bright as your future.

Here at Puzdrak CPA, we take on the burden of keeping your finances in order, filing your tax returns, maximizing your deductions, and using financial data to empower you as you continue to grow your real estate operations.

It’s as simple and as straightforward as that. 

We’re based in Austin, Texas, but thanks to our cloud-based practices, we've been helping clients all over the country and beyond. 


  • Bookkeeping 

  • Tax Returns

  • Tax Planning and Financial Planning

  • Financial Advice

  • Retirement Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re just starting out, now is the ideal time to start working with an accountant. We can help you learn the lingo and start building good practices for tracking your finances from the very beginning, which will significantly reduce your stress levels if the IRS comes knocking!

Yes, we can! We love the challenge of working with clients that are growing and expanding and we’ll make sure you pay the right amount of tax for all of your business dealings.

We produce monthly reports for all of our clients and present them in a way that shows you exactly where you stand financially. If you need a more customized report, we're happy to create whatever works best for you. Give us a call at (512) 827-2900 to find out more!

Put yourself in safe hands and give us a call at (512) 827-2900. We'll help you keep turning signs from “For Sale” to “SOLD!”

Meet Your Accountant


As the founder of Puzdrak CPA, Mark oversees the strategic direction of the firm, provides guidance to the leadership team, and works closely with both staff and clients. Since establishing the Firm, Mark and his team have built a best-in-class, forward-looking tax, accounting and planning firm responsive to our clients and committed to success.

Prior to establishing Puzdrak CPA, Mark was a Tax Partner with a local International CPA firm in Austin, Texas. Mark was also a founding member of the Austin, Texas office for a nationally ranked top ten CPA firm.

Mark has chaired tax committees and held various leadership positions in global professional organizations. He has regularly been invited to speak on various taxation, budgeting, and tax planning topics.

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“I'm starting an international real estate operation in Austin Texas, and I got Marks reference from a local realtor friend of mine. I can say that Mark always answered my questions in a proper, savvy, and timely manner and let me know that my operation was not within his experience scope and took the time and effort to contact me with somebody else. I really appreciated his honesty.”

Jose B.
February 28, 2022